One of my favourite writing blogs, Booklifenow, has come back to life after a long hiatus this week and among the kick-off posts is a bit of useful advice for working during air travel and the bluntly titled you need a website. The advice to pack a small power-board along with your laptop is brilliant, especially if you’ve ever had the experience of searching for a free power-point in a small airport when there are flight delays.

The Guardian’s feature on Why I Hate the Myth of the Suffering Artists is a great look at the myths that dog the steps of fiction writers.

Pinterest continues to pick up momentum as the hot new social media of note, and despite it’s visual nature there are people figuring out how to make it work for writers and readers alike. This week Media Bistro curated a list of 10 Pinterest Boards with a Literary Bent that serves as a great example of what writers can do with the Pinterest platform.

Artshub has a great article about The Future of Freelancing that looks at the impact technology is having on freelance journalism.

Lawrence Block offers up some great advice on Getting By on a Writer’s Income. The article was originally published back in 1981, but the advice seems to hold true today (in fact, it gels rather nicely with the more recent Unasked For Advice For New Writers About Money by science fiction writer John Scalzi).

A great post from Lindsay Buroker’s that answers the question Are More Authors Than You Think Making a Living Self-Publishing? with some sensible, level-headed advice as to what goes into making a successful self-publisher in the ebook field.

People are used to asking when do you find time to write, but Theodora Goss wonders if perhaps it’s time to address The Real Problem of where do you find the energy. It’s an interesting post that makes you wonder if we’ve asking the wrong question all along.

The Pew survey on The Rise of E-Reading has gotten a great deal of attention on the internet this week, with one-fifth of Americans reporting that they’ve read an ebook in the last year. If you’re looking for some posts that put the data into context, you might find some of the commentary at The Shatzkin Files and Dean Wesley Smith’s site interesting reading.

Those are the links that caught our attention at the AWM offices this week – how about you? As always, we’d love to hear about the posts, articles, and links that got you thinking this week in the comments.

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