We’re big fans of being online here at the Speakeasy, but we’re equally aware that sometimes you just want to shut off the internets and get stuff done. How to Go Offline (and Not Kill Your Site) starts off with some handy tips for stepping away from your online platform, but it ends with an interesting discussion on how to differentiate between the quality and quantity of your visitors.

Of course, once you return from your hiatus you’ll need to start generating content once more. If you get stuck, try 101 Ways to Blog as a Book Author for some inspiration. Still at the beginning of the process? Try following these four easy steps for branding yourself when designing your blog.

Pretty much everyone on my twitter feed was a big fan of this one, but just in case you missed it Justine Larbalestier has a brilliant post up titled I’ll Know I’ve Made it as a Writer When…

Word Needs to Die talks about setting up a digital workflow and the problems with using the .doc format default that comes with Word. If you’re interested in doing more with your digital process, AWM editor Meg Vann writes about agile methodology over on the Meanland blog and how it can be applied to both fiction and non-fiction.

What about you? What writing and publishing links have whet your taste-buds this week? Let us know in the comments.

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