The US Department of Justice has started an investigation into the Agency Pricing model being used to sell ebooks, and the internet has been alive with blog-posts and tweets from writers, publishers, and commentators from both the pro- and anti-agency camps. If you’re interested in seeing both sides of the debate, Porter Anderson’s Extra Ether post on Jane Friedman’s blog summarizes the discussion and provides a number of links.

This post popped up on the AWM twitter feed a couple of times this week, but it’s good enough that we thought it worth revisiting: Writing Rules: 10 Experts Take On the Writer’s Rulebook takes ten adages familiar to every writer and re-examines them to determine when they should followed and when they should not.

Call My Agent has done a follow-up on the Australian Fiction post we linked to in last weeks Fry-Up. This week’s post offers up some theories about why Australian’s may be hesitant to read Australian fiction.

If you’re not familiar with Chuck Wendig, the freelance penmonkey behind the Terribleminds blog, we should probably come with a warning – he’s fond of swearing, absurdity, irreverence, and occasionally causing offense. Beneath that, he’s also very smart, as evidenced by posts such as Shot Through the Heart: Your Story’s Through Line or  25 Things You Should Know About Word Choice.

Collaboration can be a tricky things when there’s two writers involved, but this week Byte featured an article about four different writers using dropbox to co-write a novel.

We were charmed by this series of do it yourself dustjackets for readers who’d prefer not to be disturbed while they’ve got a book in their hands. We were equally charmed by the  letter written by 30’s copywriter Robert Pirosh when he first started looking for work in Hollywood – anyone who starts with Dear Sir, I like words has our immediate attention.

And, as always, we’re interested in hearing from our Speakeasy readers: What writing and publishing issues are you pondering this Friday? What links have caught your attention this week?

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