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Welcome to Exploring Narrative

Do you want to understand the internal mechanics of story? Are you looking to expand your understanding of narrative? Do you want to develop a stronger understanding of plot, setting, character and theme?

Exploring Narrative will guide you through the inner workings of story, breaking down the building blocks of narrative to see how it ticks. This course will guide you through the fundamental features of what makes a compelling story.


This course is all about expanding your knowledge of basic narrative form and structure

All creative writing employs narrative techniques to tell an engaging story. Whether you’re writing fiction or creative non-fiction, novels, plays, short stories, memoirs, video games or anything else, an understanding of the fundamentals of narrative techniques will give your storytelling an edge.

What you will learn

  • Basic grammar and punctuation for clear writing
  • The internal structure of plot, and how each segment functions to propel the whole
  • What makes a great opening line
  • How to employ common characterisation techniques to create compelling protagonists
  • How to write dialogue that sparkles
  • The use of setting to add nuance to your story
  • How to choose a point of view and voice that will enhance your writing
  • The elements of theme, and why all stories need one

If you need assistance in navigating your online course, view the simple instructional video below:

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Where to from here?

This course is self-guided, and broken down into six major sections, with each section further broken down into individual components. You are encouraged to work through this content at your own pace. The in-person version of this course takes place over four lessons of two hours each. You are welcome to power through the content in a shorter time if you prefer, or take a more leisurely approach.

Each block of content in this course will include several lessons, diagrams and exercises to help you understand the content and hone your craft.

You are also encouraged to share your work with fellow participants on the AWM forums. The forums provide an opportunity to engage with your peer group and get practice in writing and sharing work created to a brief.

If you have any difficulty using the course, find errors within the material, or otherwise have issues, please feel free to contact AWM directly. Look to the Contact AWM tab to learn more.


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These forums are set aside exclusively for the use of participants in the Exploring Narrative course.

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