The Emerging Writers Festival is in full swing. Speakeasy is especially excited about our Lisette stepping out on the festival stage tomorrow 12.30 at Melbourne Town Hall:

‘The Great State Divide: The interstate panelists will be set a challenge to discover the unique voice of their State. Is there one? And what does this say about the Australian voice? Are we really a nation of the bush or have we all moved the Australian voice to the suburbs? Where is our 21st Century spiritual consciousness? With Rachel Hennessy, Simmone Michelle-Welles, Lisette Ogg, Sean Riley and Jennifer Mills. Hosted by Dion Kagan.’

The observation that Australian voice has moved from the bush to the suburbs is one worthy of much debate. Can you think of examples among your favourite Australian authors which support or challenge this observation?


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  1. littlej,

    the forum is great! already got a reply from Agent Sydney. wish i was in melbourne to hear that panel discussion. it’s an interesting question…

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