Question: is your love of books chaste, or carnal? Do you wash your hands before reading a book, then peep between the covers gently to preserve the integrity of the spine? Or do you grasp the book hungrily, coffee in one hand and pen in the other?

James Brindle, he of the recent 13 volume set of wikipedia edits on the Iraq War article, has initiated Open Bookmarks, a project that encourages the capturing, sharing and extending of ebook marginalia:

Imagine a future where instead of lending someone a book, you lend them your bookmarks. Where your notes, annotations and references are synchronised across platforms and applications. Where your bookmarks belong to you, and a record of every book you read is saved and stored securely, no matter how or where you read it.

Brindle’s fantastic booktwo post explains it in detail, but his note sums up the gist…

Graph: life of the book

 And on a different topic, Jason Schwartzman plugs the New Yorker app. Hey dude, you can’t do that with an iPad!

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