A 75-page love letter written by renowned French philosopher André Gorz to his British-born wife, Doreen, has become an overnight bestseller in France after the couple were found dead in their home east of Paris. They committed suicide together by lethal injection in their home in Central France.

Gorz, 83, first published his love letter as a tribute to terminally-ill Doreen in August, but there has been a massive rush on the book since the couple’s deaths in September. The publisher is reportedly ordering two more print runs.

UK paper The Guardian quotes the following snippet from Gorz’s letter:

You will soon be 82. You have shrunk six centimetres and you weigh just 45 kilos and you are still beautiful, gracious and desirable. It is now 58 years that we have lived together and I love you more than ever. I carry in myself a devouring emptiness within the hollow of my chest, which can only be filled by the warmth of your body against mine.

President Sarkozy has led public tributes to the couple.

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