Mary Garden, freelance writer and journalist, discusses getting started, getting motivated, and one way to find the right market for your work.

“I deleted all the games from my computer and pulled the phone out of the wall. I even stuck a notice on my door, ‘Writing in progress, do NOT disturb.”

Mary’s top tips for writing and selling articles:

  1. Go into a room, close the door and write
  2. Write about things you know and feel passionate about
  3. Write first, then try and sell your articles
  4. Try and find your article multiple homes

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3 Responses to “Resource: Darts in the Dark: Writing and Selling Articles”

  1. Julie,

    I’ve got the going into a room, closing the door and writing bit down pat, but now I know what I’m missing – the sign! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Genevieve,

    Slight problem here – I am logged in, but not able to get the rest of the article.

  3. Taryn,

    Hi Genevieve,

    The article is stored under Article&Templates in Resources.
    Cheers, Taryn

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