SF Signal has gotten a bunch of SF and Fantasy authors to put together lists of what they think are the most controversial SF/F novels. Ranging from Harry Potter and His Dark Materials to Neuromancer and Starship Troopers, each author outlines why they think these books are dangerous (or why they think other people thought they were dangerous). The discussions are really detailed, and there’s some interesting reading material to be found as well.

In the course of reading the above list, I followed a link to this article on JK Rowling and sexism, which argues that there’s a gender-bias in spec fic, showing up in the way Rowling is criticised. I didn’t agree with all the points the writer makes (I thought one bit about Tolkien was a bit off – you’ll know it when you see it), and some of the comments I found really annoying. But again, a really interesting discussion of a key issue in both SF/F and the wider publishing industry.

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