Building an author platform for unpublished writers can be daunting. Editiorial Anonymous has some sage advice on what to include – and what to leave out –  for writers without any publications to list in their bio.

For those lucky writers who do make it through the gauntlet to publication, Chris Currie, writer and bookseller, is critiquing book covers over at Furious Horses. A quality problem, sure: "Oh I know that getting published has been my lifelong dream that I have sacrificed everything to achieve, but now that I’ve managed to achieve it, I just hate the cover they’ve put on my book!" [cue teensy weensy violins]. The best advice seems to be to give your considered input as the author, and then leave it to the design-and-marketing experts to decide. But as Chris’s posts show, that doesn’t always result in a winner…

And in the wake of Bob Stein’s visit to Australia, over at Another Lost Shark Graham Nunn is asking "What is a Book". For those of us who have heard Stein speak during his Australian sojourn, the concept and reality of a book has become a series of questions and discussions rather than a simple "medium for ideas’ kinda thing. So here’s my thoughts on it:

Cyber-fires and storytellersFor me, the book is an experience of ideas. It is candlelight and comfy cushions, a wild ride, a knotted rope to freedom. It is a place beyond place and time where I can find like minds. So whether it’s a tree-book or an e-book or an open-ended interplay of on-and-offline experiences, it is a book. And if I find like minds in and behind and around the story, it’s a good one.

Bob Stein got me thinking about writers as leaders of research and story-telling, rather than as owners of a finished product: ‘the book’. A community of readers is drawn around the cyber-fire to embellish and guide the tale. Wonderful! But I am left with the access and equity puzzle unsolved: who benefits from the new-look book? Will a class of interwebbed literati leave the rest of the world out in the cold?

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