AWMonline: creativity is a valuable resource.     Being a complete newby to this whole media/arts management role that I now find myself in, I’m scanning around for some training. I came across this article … ‘Recessions, sponsorships and the arts’ by Jane Haley, CEO, AbaF. For anyone involved in managing writing projects, the general principles in this article are extremely useful. I wish I was smart like her.

Good news – Ronnie Scott from The Lifted Brow has agreed to be a guest for a live forum with AWMonline! Hurrah, my first one! Stay tuned for details.

I’ve started editing my novel. You know that feeling when your body is at work/home/school etc, but your mind is deep in a plot somewhere? Do you get that, too? I used to get in big trouble for having an active imagination. It amazes me that now I actually get paid for it!




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