Ever thought about self-publishing your book if you can’t get a publisher interested? For some writers, in some genres, self-publishing is a great option. It can get you published, give you control, and return a greater percentage of profit. For other writers, self-publishing is a deadly mirage: the perils and pitfalls of high setup costs, poor marketing and distriubtion networks, and low production quality can leave some authors in a financial and creative drought. Much has been written about self-publishing, and there will be an informative article by publishing contracts lawyer Alex Adsett in the eleventh edition of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace due out later this year. But here is an insight via Galleycat into the amount of work that goes into just one aspect of book publishing: the creation of the cover.

Orbit Books creative director Lauren Panepinto gave aspiring artists, science fiction fans, and publishing aficionados a peek into her long process of designing a book cover. This two-minute video captures every Photoshop tweek and edit on the cover design of an upcoming novel by Gail Carriger.

From covers to remixes: Ursula Le Guin discusses literary remixing at Book Cafe, drawing a distinctino between information (content) and art (object), Le Guin challenges the digital influence on concepts of ownership (and plagiarism) of literature. However, her Australian example, if it’s the one we think it is, seems to misconstrue the issue from complex  identity fraud to one of pure plagiarism. Have a read and see what you think.


So what’s happening tonight at AWMonline? Lashings of writing, that’s what!  We will be joined by special guest Kate Forsyth. Kate’s first book Dragonclaw was published when she was only thirty, and was an international success straightaway. Her books have been sold to 12 different countries and she has been shortlisted for numerous awards. With a BA (Literature) and a MA (Writing) Kate has taught creative writing from primary to tertiary levels for over ten years, so it will be  to write alongside Kate tonight! Join us tonight at 7.45pm AEST to chat with Kate about her craft, and her latest novel The Puzzle Ring, which has been gaining rave reviews all around the world.

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