writing race iconWHAT ARE THEY?

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace online holds regular writing races on the AWM Facebook page to support and encourage writers. Every week writers gather together virtually and dedicate an hour to practice the craft of writing.

Despite the name the Writing Races are not competitive: the only person you are trying to ‘out-write’ is yourself. Other participants are there to provide encouragement and support for their fellow writers.


Writing Races are conducted by a staff member of AWM, but we often invite special guests (writers or industry professionals) to act as Race Captains who share their experience and encouragement with participants.

Writing Races provide the opportunity to network with other writers, and encourage participants to make space in their week dedicated to achieving their writing goals. Writers at all levels of their career and writing journey are welcome.


The Writing Races provide an online ‘writer’s group’ for people who might otherwise have no-one to talk to about their craft, and that we can help aspiring and established writers to make time to sit down and write, even just for an hour every week.

Winston Churchill said that ‘Writing is an adventure’; we hope that the Writing Races can be a weekly way of sharing this adventure with fellow writers.

More information is available in our Frequently Asked Questions factsheet.