Lost In Kakadu book cover small Next week we kick of the 2014 Guest Race Captain series at the AWM Writing Races, bringing in a range of writers and other industry professionals to talk writing, publishing, and more our racers spend an hour chasing their own personal goals. Our first guest for 2014? Romantic Suspense author Kendall Talbot, whose debut novel, Lost in Kakadu, is up for three ARRA awards later this month, including Best Romantic Suspense of 2013 and Best New Author. In her own words:

I write stories that reflect my life experiences. I blog about them too. I love adventures that make me scream … white water rafting, scuba diving with sharks and hang gliding are just a few. I hate apathy, laziness, people who think they’re better than everyone else and running out of wine. The only magazines I buy are National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler. I’ve travelled extensively, some 36 countries and counting. I collect junky jewellery and expensive perfume and love wearing both every day.

KendallTalbotMy life has been a crazy mix of work and play. My career was completely unguided. I’ve delivered pizzas and sold jewelry. I lost twelve years in a bank progressing from clerk to management. I owned a business and did every job from shit kicker to director. Now I’m a bookkeeper by day and book writer by night.

I love cooking but rarely follow a recipe. I love my garden but my plants hate me. A good night out is with great friends and a fabulous bottle of wine or two and I’d rather go to the movies than watch TV. There’s not too many foods I don’t like but I think potato is a waste of tummy space.

Even after 28 years together I still love my hubby more every day. And my grown sons provide never ending joy and pride. My dog, Josie McLuvin is what I call a multi-shit… Maltese/shih tzu and she’s not a very good writing buddy.

Last of all, I’m grateful that I’m mortal… it keeps me motivated.

Find out more about Kendall and her crazy life via her website, on Twitter @kendallbooks, and facebook. Or come join us at the Writing Race next Wednesday night, where we’ll be kicking off our Q&A with Kenall from 7:10 PM and enjoying an hour of furious writing from 8:00 PM on.

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