It is a busy time here at AWMonline!

Next week we have a live online Q&A forum with Children’s/Young Adult author (and total sweetie) Michael Gerard  Bauer. I’ll be posting details next week, but for now just mark the date in your diary: next Wednesday 29 April at 11am-12pm.

This Tuesday we welcomed guest Writing Racer Christine Bongers, who inspired Racers on to our greatest word count yet, bringing the total tally up to a massive 34,112 words!

We are also starting to get some firm details about the program for the Byron Bay Writers Festival, with early Bird ticket sales having just opened. AWMonline will be hosting an all day pre-festival publishing seminar … but more about that later.

Picture of manga girl from Keitai book

This week, a Keitai character presents a few of our favourite links for your clicking interest:

  • The territorial copyright debate on our little island is making international news: The Guardian reports the issues more clearly than  most Australian news outlets.
  • Keitai books take off: ‘If Shakespeare were alive now, he would be a mobile phone novelist‘.
  • The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) are conducting a series of one-day seminars in the east coast cities of Australia. Check out multiplatform producer Kelly Chapman’s blog about it.
  • The Tweenbot art experiment restores faith in human (well, New Yorker) nature. I so want to program one of these adorable gizmos to perform random literary readings, and record the results.
  • Business cards for the econopocalypse, featuring meat and lasers. Extra handy for writers: informative and edible!

Wishing you all a happy writerly weekend.

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