Friday fry-up…

All the editors/proofers/indexers in the house, say YO! I’ve been gaining first hand experience in the labor-intensive, seemingly never-ending process of preparing a p-book for publication. Proofing ’til my eyes bleed, then proofing some more. But it’s all worth it – the 11th edition of The Australian writer’s Marketplace is nearly at the final hardcopy … Continue reading »

Clickeasy …

It’s about time for another Fri(edbrain)day of random links: Advance, or no advance: romance writer Jackie Barbosa divides the royalties pie. This London Grip article on Emerging Trends in Business and Social Technology takes us from Consumers to Prosumers to Selfsumers to … sumer-wrestling, perhaps? For Legal Reasons, enclosed CD-R contains no music  – the new Sparklehorse … Continue reading »

Hoots Balloon!

I am now a quiet fan of e-readers. I don’t own one, or foresee myself getting one in the next 3-5 years (maybe I should before they turn into this) just cause there isn’t any great choice in the Australian market yet. Anyway this great article from Kasia over at BookSquare once again highlights the discrepancies … Continue reading »

Baby Look at You Now

Ahem, excuse me, writers? I have something rather delicate to discuss with you. How’s your website going? Brand new design eh? That’s great. Just got a new commission from a popular magazine? Awesome. Still using that same old headshot? You know, the promo shot your sister took in your backyard with her old digital camera? … Continue reading »


The Brisbane Writers Festival Committee has announced their former Youth Coordinator Jane O’Hara as the new Artistic Director. We’re excited because she knows how the festival works, and she has vision for regional Queensland … hurrah! And here’s Friday’s links for your clicking pleasure: Writing Raw literary sharing website Eureka Street writers Awards Victoria has … Continue reading »

What's black'n'white and read all over?

Us! Speakeasy has been reskinned to match our website and aren’t we looking freshhh… So here’s what I’m clicking right now: Write in Your face supports emerging forms of writing practice by young writers, and closes 24 April: Which made me think about this: and it is now my new fave website, for the look’n’feel. … Continue reading »

yellow brick road of books

Need something new to read but not really sure what to start on next? Visit reading trails. It is also a social networking site, so you can create trails of your own and share them with others. Pick a trail that interests you and you can either follow a certain trail or head off on … Continue reading »

Mixed Bag

Pan Macmillan books are now available to download from your iPhone. The publishing company has partnered with the e-reader company Lexcycle and will offer a range of titles for download. Editorial Anonymous has answered an interesting question somebody sent in about whether children’s books can be frivolous or not. Check it out here. A counterfeiter … Continue reading »