There be pirates, then there be…

     Vampirates! (Kudos to author Justin Somper for thinking up the coolest concept ever). But I don’t mean the sort of vampirates that roam the seas of Captain Somper’s imagination. I mean the ones that roam the world of publishing, leaving a trail of exsanguinated writers in their wake. We all know about (note … Continue reading »

Scam, Scam, Scam

According to Publisher’s Weekly, via Making Light, Indiana’s Attorney General has started suing a fraudulent publisher on behalf of the authors it ripped off. Airleaf Publishing, which also went by the name Bookman Marketing, has been accused of bilking 120 authors out of thousands of dollars, of "accepting payment from authors and not following through … Continue reading »

More lies, anyone?

Reminiscent of the halcyon days of late 2005, when the James Frey and JT Leroy hoax stories broke within a few weeks of each other, two new hoaxes have come to light in the past few days, and we just couldn’t resist adding them to the blog. Firstly, the story of a woman in America … Continue reading »

Forged Fisk

In a bizarre twist on all the author-fakes-life-story-and-or-plagiarises scandals that have popped up recently, journalist and foreign correspondant Robert Fisk has recently suffered a different kind of forgery. According to this article, a biography of Saddam Hussein was published in Egypt, naming him as the author. But he’s never written a biography of Saddam Hussein. In … Continue reading »

Cassie Edwards Plagiarism-palooza

This week’s big story is Cassie Edwards, a romance writer who’s been accused of plagiarism. She’s allegedly lifted whole paragraphs out of various articles on nature, anthropology, and apparently a 1930s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Her publisher seems to be standing by her for the moment, but the Romance Writers of America looks pretty uneasy about … Continue reading »