Sometimes, the unknown slips out: An interview with Waylines editors David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm

What are waylines? According to David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm they are a phenomenon recently discovered by NASA. They elaborate on this with the rather cryptic quotation: ‘Waylines are the seams of the universe. They are its borders, where reality and fantasy collide, where the impossible comes true. And sometimes they split open. Sometimes, the … Continue reading »

Friday Fry Up

Preparing to do the edit on you latest manuscript? Agent Rachel Gardener presents a quick and dirty list showcasing How to Cut a Thousand Words Without Shedding a Tear. A lot of the advice may sound familiar, but her comment on the math of editing is brilliant and incorporates some of my favourite advice about first drafts … Continue reading »

Creative non-fiction opportunity

Here’s a great opportunity for creative non-fiction writers… The U.S. quarterly magazine Creative Nonfiction, in association with the Australian arts company tashmadada, seeks new essays for a special “Australia” issue. They’re looking for a variety of perspectives–from locals, expats, tourists, or anyone else–and will consider essays of all forms and focus as long as Australia’s … Continue reading »

Tonight’s Writing Race: Katherine Howell

At tonight’s Writing Race, we will welcome crime fiction writer Katherine Howell, the author of Violent Exposure and Cold Justice. To find out more about Katherine, visit To have some fun and gain feedback from Katherine on your own writing, feel free to join us at at 8pm. All welcome!

Pay rates for writers …

The fabulous Margaret Simons, font of knowledge on the future of journalism and a guest speaker last year for QWC’s Wordpool (access the audio at ABC Pool), has compiled a table of pay rates for freelance journalists in Australia. It also notes insider knowledge about editorial processes and other handy tips. This has sparked off … Continue reading »

So you think you can blog?

Well, now you can make a living from it too… Check out Jobs.Problogger, a jobs board where companies and jobbing bloggers can meet… There seems to be a lot of opportunities on there though it might not start off as the most lucrative of career choices with ‘salaries’ ranging from just US$4 per blog (1 a day required), … Continue reading »

The Beeb Wants New Writers

Just came across this very interesting site from by the BBC. The WritersRoom ‘identifies and champions new writing talent in film, television, radio and theatre.’ To do this, they seem to survey theatre companies, writing competitions and events, as well as accept unsolicited scripts. According to the success stories on the site, Writersroom has placed new talent on shows like … Continue reading »

Japan’s Best-selling Cellphone Novels

This is something that we blogged about back in October and now the NY Times has written about the Japanese mobile phone novelists as well. It seems to be pretty big news at the moment and 5 of the Top 10 bestseller novels in Japan last year were orginally cellphone novels, with the Top 3 all being … Continue reading »