Island is one of Australia’s premier literary magazines. Founded in 1979 in Hobart, over the past 37 years Island has featured a mix of fiction, poetry and articles from multiple Australian luminaries. AWM recently spoke to Vern Field, Managing Editor of Island Magazine, about poetry, publishing, and being a print-only magazine in the modern publishing industry. Visit Island‘s website to … Continue reading »


Visual Verse is an online anthology of art, poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction. Each month, the team at Visual Verse post an image online and invite writers to compose a piece of 50 to 500 words, inspired by the image. The catch is that the text must be written in one hour. AWM recently spoke … Continue reading »


Carve is a quarterly short fiction magazine, based in Dallas, Texas. Carve is interested in publishing and promoting outstanding literature and aims to help new, emerging and established writers reach a wider audience. This month, AWM spoke to Anna Zumbahlen, Managing Editor, and Matthew Limpede, Executive Editor, about Carve’s beginnings, its content, and storytelling. AWM … Continue reading »


  The Canary Press is an Australian quarterly magazine of short stories founded by Robert Skinner and Andy Josselyn. Based in Melbourne, it publishes new and local writers as well as more well-known Australian and international writers. The magazine also showcases beautiful cover designs and illustrations in each issue. AWM interviewed The Canary Press in … Continue reading »


Tincture Journal was founded by Daniel Young in 2013 as a literary journal to showcase fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from Australia and around the world. AWM recently interviewed Daniel and asked him about poetry, advice for aspiring writers, and the importance of Asia/Pacific regional writing. AWM also found out a little about Daniel’s love-hate … Continue reading »

Market Profile: The Canary Press

At a Glance (Formerly Known As Genre Issue) Wants: Power-punch stories (1500 words or less); Short Fiction (1,000 words – 7,000 words) Preferred Genre: Any Pay Rate: Power-punch stories: $100; Short Fiction: $200 Deadline: 20th October, 2014 Go Directly to the Writer’s Guidelines In Detail The first issue of The Canary Press hit shelves back in May of 2013, a … Continue reading »

Big issues with a human face: An interview with the editors of The Big Issue

Anyone who wanders around an Australian capital city will be familiar with The Big Issue and its often charismatic and exuberant street vendors. The Big Issue is a social enterprise which aims to help marginalised and disadvantaged people by ‘providing creative solutions to the issues of homelessness’. The Big Issue offers a variety of opportunities … Continue reading »

Sometimes, the unknown slips out: An interview with Waylines editors David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm

What are waylines? According to David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm they are a phenomenon recently discovered by NASA. They elaborate on this with the rather cryptic quotation: ‘Waylines are the seams of the universe. They are its borders, where reality and fantasy collide, where the impossible comes true. And sometimes they split open. Sometimes, the … Continue reading »

‘The houses there wear verandahs out of shyness’: An interview with the editors of Verandah

The Verandah literary journal is a student-run publication coming out of Deakin University. It emerged in 1986 as a way for students to gain hands-on editing and publishing experience to supplement their academic qualifications. That was then. While the journal still provides vocational development to Deakin’s writing students, the journal has evolved into much more … Continue reading »