Sometimes, the unknown slips out: An interview with Waylines editors David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm

What are waylines? According to David Rees-Thomas and Darryl Knickrehm they are a phenomenon recently discovered by NASA. They elaborate on this with the rather cryptic quotation: ‘Waylines are the seams of the universe. They are its borders, where reality and fantasy collide, where the impossible comes true. And sometimes they split open. Sometimes, the … Continue reading »

‘Characters circling the drain’: An interview with Crime Factory editor Cameron Ashley

Calling all crime writers, Melbourne based magazine, Crime Factory, will soon be opening its doors to fiction submissions, so if you’ve got a hardboiled story, a noir story, or some dark fiction with a crime edge that needs a home then check out the Crime Factory website for full submission details. That’s fiction; let’s talk … Continue reading »

Pulp fiction: An interview with Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

If you’re anything like me (e.g., massive nerd and proud of it) then you understand and appreciate comedy’s place in speculative fiction. Whether it’s Gulliver’s creative fire fighting, the glorious camp of a sweaty Shatner locked in a clumsy struggle with a Gorn, the existential angst of Marvin the Paranoid Android, the fact that Fry … Continue reading »

Character is key: An interview with Ticonderoga’s Russell Farr and Liz Grzyb

GenreCon is nearly upon us, and with this in mind it’s time to check out one of Australia’s ace indie genre publishers, Ticonderoga Publications (TP). Ticonderoga is the brainchild of writer and editor, Russell B. Farr. They specialise in science fiction, fantasy and horror short stories, and have published the work of some of Australia’s … Continue reading »

The fiction of history: An interview with James Vella-Bardon of the Historical Novel Society Sydney.

Historical fiction is huge. It roams across time and space, tethered only by the strands of history, through the Senates of ancient Rome to the shoguns of Feudal Japan, from the cloisters of medieval monasteries to the courts of the Renaissance, from the British civil wars to the American civil war, across all oceans and … Continue reading »

‘The horror! The horror!’: An interview with Geoff Brown

For those of you who have been seduced by the dark side of writing, it’s time to give form to your finest literary golems, and unleash them on an unsuspecting public: the Midnight Echo goblins will soon be hungry for submissions. Midnight Echo is one of Australia’s premier horror magazines, and the official magazine of … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-Up

The big publishing news this week included the launch of HarperCollins 360, a global publishing program that ensures all books published by any division of HarperCollins around the world are available in print or digital format in all English-language markets. When the program is fully implemented, the HarperCollins global catalog — 50,000 print books and … Continue reading »