The free-range journalist: An interview with Editia’s Charlotte Harper

Journalism, like every facet of the publishing industry, has undergone a slew of changes, and Editia has emerged to make the most of these so-called exciting times. Editia is a digital-first imprint devoted to longform journalism and non-fiction shorts spearheaded by the dynamic Charlotte Harper. Since 2010, Charlotte, and her corporate advisory board (consisting of … Continue reading »

Where the eyeballs are going: An interview with Smashwords founder Mark Coker

Are you tired of hearing that it’s never been more difficult to get your book published? Do you want to get published today and reach a potentially huge international audience? Are you sick of doom-and-gloom assessments of the publishing industry? Do you find interminable lists of rhetorical questions irritating? Then perhaps it’s time for me … Continue reading »

Everything you always wanted to know about the Review of Australian Fiction (but were afraid to ask): An interview with Matthew Lamb

The Review of Australian Fiction is rapidly establishing a reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative new fiction journals around. Emerging as the hyperactive brainchild of Matthew Lamb and Phil Crowley, the journal has already corralled an impressive and eclectic array of established and emerging Australian literary talent. I would love to say … Continue reading »

Patton Oswalt on Lucky Breaks and Making Chances

Patton Oswalt delivered a brilliant keynote address at this years Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal a few weeks back, addressing a letter to the comedians in the room, and another to the gatekeepers of the stand-up comedy business. Oswalt’s first letter, to his fellow comedians, could be addressing writers with the substitution of a few words. … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-Up

We kick this fry-up off with a boldly-titled article from John Barber: There Will Be No More Professional Writers in the Future. It takes a pessimistic point of view of the changes undergoing publishing, bringing forth a series of arguments about the aggregation of free content and the rise of self-publishers who have outflanked the … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-Up

First up, a handful of links for writers just beginning to build their online platform. The Booklife Now blog offers seven core pieces of advice for those new to blogging in So You Want To Star A Blog, covering everything from scheduling to platform.  It’s a good base-line understanding for newcomers. We also recommend YA-author Lili … Continue reading »

Cover Stories

In a world where big brands frequently misunderstand the internet, it’s refreshing to see one of the worlds most polite cease and desist letters sent to US author Patrick Wensink regarding the similarities between his book cover (above) and the Jack Daniels whiskey label. In a situation where the could have come accross looking like … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-Up

Story Shots has a list of 22 Storybasics I’ve picked up in my time at Pixar, featuring a range of advice from the expected (“1: You admire a character for trying more than for their successes”) to the surprising (#20: Exercise: take the building blocks of a movie you dislike. How d’you rearrange them into … Continue reading »