Dr. Catherine Noske is editor of Westerly Magazine at the University of Western Australia, where she also teaches in Literature and Creative Writing. She has twice been awarded the Elyne Mitchell Prize for Rural Women Writers, and her current manuscript, the subject of a Varuna Fellowship, was shortlisted for the 2015 Dorothy Hewett Award. AWM … Continue reading »

Writing Races are Go

The second season of Writing Races is up and running! As of August 8th we are once again hosting weekly writing sessions in the AWMonline forums. I’m Julia, the latest AWM intern, and I’m spearheading this season’s Races. Howdy. I’m an aspiring novelist myself, and just a general fan of the written word, so I’m … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-Up

The combination of a pro-internet writer and an ebook panel at a major writing festival always seems to generate something newsworthy. Last month the internet shared the fall-out from the Harrowgate crime writing festival, while this month it’s SF author China Miéville whose comments during a debate about the Future of the novel at the Edinburgh … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-Up

We kick this fry-up off with a boldly-titled article from John Barber: There Will Be No More Professional Writers in the Future. It takes a pessimistic point of view of the changes undergoing publishing, bringing forth a series of arguments about the aggregation of free content and the rise of self-publishers who have outflanked the … Continue reading »