YONline is on again!

The start date for the next Kim Wilkins YONline course offered in the AWMonline Learning Centre is April 1. This course will be tutored by author Belinda Jeffrey, with audio lectures and class content from Kim – meaning you have access to the wisdom and support of two great authors for the price of one. So if you need help writing your novel, now’s your chance!

My second novel-length project will be getting some serious attention soon, when I start YON (Year of the Novel, for the uninitiated) with Trent Jamieson. QWC’s The Empty Page Blog has kindly invited me to post a pic of my writer’s desk as part of Project: Bringing the Ugly. So here’s where I’ll be hanging out a lot over the next ten months…

pic of writer's desk

Of course, I have a proper desk in my study, with bookshelves and dust and piles of paper everywhere – but I usually lug my laptop and notes out onto the deck! It’s the serenity, and the proximity to the coffee machine, and the view…

image of flowering crepe myrtle tree

The Writing Race is on again tonight, if you are looking for some writerly motivation and camaraderie (8-9pm AEST).

4 Responses to “Bring it YON!”

  1. Gary Kemble,

    Wow. What a great working space.

  2. Nicola,

    I am trying very hard to think about where the ugly is in those photos… Too too pretty.

    Good luck with the YON (the second/sequel).

  3. Meg,

    Gary, it’s my secret wish that you are also signed up to do Trent’s YON. It would be awesome to see your novel project develop!

    Aww thanks, Nicola! How’s the job going? xo

  4. Nicola,

    Ah, the job? Assimilation and background reading bites!

    My desk is wedged between a pole, two coat stands and it weirdly appears to be invisible. It definitely makes up for you lack of ugly.

    For the first time in my life, I am working a true 9-5 job! Who said kids weren’t good for anything? I should have made one up years ago.

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