Call for proposals for the 2009 This Is Not Art, the  Festival which showcases emerging art and new media, are now open. Of particular interest to writers are the National Young Writers Festival and Critical Animals (including students, academics, and quasi-intellectuals…).

Kat Meyers’s new media book review brigade  includes links to Review Blogs and all good things bookish, including stuff as varied as a critique of the muted Korean edition of Twilight and the new Book Roast Pitch Party thread for aspiring authors.

And while we’re talking about new books … two beautiful new titles by Kate Middleton and Adam Aitken are available in Giramondo’s award-winning poetry series.

AWMonline books, magazines, and festivals roundupWhat’s in the water in Melbourne. you guys?? There’s yet another fabulous Melbourne-based indie literary magazine: stop drop and roll will launch Issue One Crash Course, on Friday 20 March at Yah Yah’s, 99 Smith Street, Fitzroy, from 8.30pm. Best promotional tagline ever: ‘A compact sucker-punch of new writing and art from Australia and overseas’. It includes a range of short fiction, poetry, and essays. Available online from their funky website.

Writing Race word count update: 11,705. As one new racer put it: "I will probably use most of what I wrote last night so the exercise paid off big time for me. I am going to try to make it a regular event on Tuesday evenings. You are all great motivators." A big thank you to Belinda Jeffrey, who was an inspiring guest racer. Belinda’s book Brown Skin Blue is due to be launched in June.

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  1. littlej,

    hmmm…’yet another fabulous Melbourne-based indie literary magazine’. do we really need another one? what about Adelaide or Perth? or canberra? stop drop and roll sounds great but melbourne is not the only literary town in australia. anyone out there working on something? i need to know.

  2. s,

    melbourne is where most readers (and writers) in australia are located. but there are projects in other states. try

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