QWC rejects Commission’s stance on parallel importation of books
As you know, Speakeasy and the Australian writer’s Marketplace are both published by Queensland Writers Centre. QWC has released this statement on recent developments regarding the parallel importation of books:

On Tuesday 14 July, the Productivity Commission published the report of their investigation into copyright restrictions on the parallel importation of books. Since then, the issue has received a great deal of media coverage and we’ve had many calls and emails at QWC about this issue.

QWC does not support the removal of copyright restrictions on parallel importation of books. We believe it will be harmful to Australian authors and local content. You can read our submission to the Productivity Commission in this pdf

We are working through a number of channels to address this issue. We also support the efforts of the Australian Society of Authors, Australian Publishers Association and Australian Booksellers Association to achieve a more reasonable outcome for our industry. You, too, can help.

To learn more about how authors are affected by this issue, we encourage you to read the information on the Australian Society of Author’s website.

To take action against the report or find out how you can support the cause, visit Ausbooks or the Australian Society of Authors.

Agent Sydney breaks down the issue of ‘cheaper books’ for us over at Call My Agent:

Whenever you pay less for something than it is worth, someone loses. The loser is NOT going to be the public company that sells you the product; it is going to be the primary producer. This is the lesson our farmers have learnt. This is the lesson Australian writers are about to learn. If you value your Australian stories and the films and TV shows that are made from them – such as Underbelly – you will value the writers who created those stories. They are irreplaceable.

Lifting the current restrictions on the parallel importation of books will likely not make books cheaper, but it will definitely cheapen them.


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