Once again, we’ve been distracted by the wonderful world of the AWM hardcopy. Sorry about that. Wrote this post a little while ago…

— Recent book news has included the thing about the guy who’s programmed his computer to write books. The coverage from the New York Times is a couple of weeks old now, so you’ve probably heard about it, but the reaction has been interesting.

Booksquare (again) raises some interesting points, and doesn’t seem to think much of the NYT coverage of the whole thing. The bit about authorship – how can this guy consider himself an author when he hasn’t written a paragraph? – smacks of modern questions of creativity and authorship. If an artist makes a collage, is he an artist, or just a guy who glues lots of other images together?

And the guy’s claim that he’ll start writing romance novels any day now…ew. You might have fun developing your romance algorithms, mate, but no self-respecting romance reader is ever going to buy your books.

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