We came across this posting on CS Monitor via Arts Hub over the weekend. It’s an interesting piece from America about the changing face of book promotion and the (possible) demise of the book tour as authors, agents and publishers turn to the internet for more creative ways of getting author+book in front of their target audience.

‘In the past five years or so, observers say the traditional author tour has been in decline: Fewer writers are being sent out, and those who do tour make fewer stops… Publishers and authors are now touting books through podcasts, film tours, blog tours, book videos, and book trailers.’

The article cites, amongst others, the example of Ian McEwan who opted out of a road tour in the US for latest novel On Chesil’s Beach in favour of making a short film, which was then screened in 54 (US) cities.

Online ‘book tours’ have the advantage of being able to reach far-flung locations and put the book (and ‘cyber author’) in front of more readers, as well as allowing the publisher to present  something ‘polished and packaged’, which (being polished and packaged!) ‘certainly cannot be said of every writer’.

But not everyone is relegating the meet-and-greet tour to the past just yet. As editor-in-chief of Booktour.com (a website we’ve blogged about before, click here to read it) Chris Anderson says, ‘we believe in face-to-face contact… We believe in author tours.’  Let’s hope that enough authors and publishers out there believe in the same thing.

Read the article in full here.

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  1. www.bookshove.com,

    Why not book tours AND online promotion?

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