Nathan Bransford, over at his blog, wrote a post last week about a new genre of book – Book Club fiction. The sort of book that would make a great book club book is something a little bit commercial, a little bit literary, well-written but accessible and an interesting topic, something that’s going to generate a lot of discussion. Some examples would be: The Kite Runner, Out Stealing Horses, Life of Pi. While I’ve never been in a book club, I have worked in a book store and I know how often people come in asking for a selection of titles that would be suitable for their book club.

He said on his post that "Book clubs are an extremely important market for publishers, so much so that books that would appeal to book clubs often have supplementary material in the back (such as discussion questions), and many publishers provide additional web resources."

Book clubs are such a major part of the book-buying public that it makes sense to think of what would see to a book club when thinking of ideas for your next novel. Anyone got any good ones they’d like to share?

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