After the blogging panel, I did manage to catch a tiny bit of the end of Public Lives: Putting Yourself On The Page, with David Stratton, Bruce Beresford, Kylie Kwong and Judith Lucy. Stratton was discussing his relationship with Margaret Pomerantz (totally platonic; he said they’re like an old married couple without the sex), and what it was like to leave SBS and be headhunted by the ABC.

Then an audience member asked Beresford whether it was true that he never watches his own films. He said he doesn’t; he sees them a thousand times in post-production, and couldn’t bear to watch them anymore. Stratton seemed faintly horrified; he invited Beresford back to his place to watch Driving Miss Daisy, prompting Judith Lucy to enquire whether they were dating.

After the session was over, I accidentally eavesdropped on the trio behind me. They were excitedly planning their own memoir, recounting their lives and experiences with cooking, designing things, and, I think, surfing (although I could have heard that wrong).

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