PhD candidate for Bond University, Francina Cantatore, is currently running an online survey on ‘Authors, Copyright and the Digital Evolution’. Cantatore’s research aims to assemble a national sample of authors’ perceptions, knowledge and viewpoints on copyright. AWMonline community members are invited to particpate – the survey will only take a few minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. It will be open for completion until the 30th September. You can access the survey directly here, or via the Australian Society of Authors website here. Survey results will be available via the ASA newsletter.

At the recent BWF AWM Industry Masterclass, the publishers and agents present all agreed that the business model for eBooks is still emerging, so that the rate of authors’ royalty returns is not yet fixed. The ASA has prepared an issues paper on ‘E-book Royalties and Contracts’, which includes this recommendation:

For locally authored print books also selling as e-books, the ASA recommends that authors should aim for a minimum royalty return of 35% of the publisher’s receipts from the e-book retailer, OR an equivalent percentage that will achieve at least the same dollar return as the print book version at standard trade discount in conventional bookshops. Authors should receive as a minimum the same dollar amount from each e-book sale as a print book sale.


Join the AWMonline Writing Race tonight to chat with and write alongside amazing author Steph Bowe – young writers are especially encouraged to come along and hear 16-year-old Steph’s amazing journey from blogger (Hey! Teenager of the Year) to debut author with Girl Saves Boy.

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