GenreCon Registration is Now Open

2015 GenreCon Registration is now live. To book your tickets, head over the Australian Writers Marketplace store where there are options to pick up Weekend Registrations, book Banquet Tickets, and secure your place at the opening night reception.

2015 Registration opens Sunday

Eager to get your ticket to this year’s GenreCon? Registration for the 2015 event opens this Sunday at 12:00 PM Queensland Time (that’s 1:00 PM for you folks East Coast folks on daylight savings). We’ll be offering a special, early-bird rate of $220 for the first fifty conference registrations, after which the price will increase … Continue reading »

Writers Toolkit: Writing Every Day

Sure, we’ve all heard it by now: if you want to be a writer, you’ve gotta get into the habit of writing every day. After all, Stephen King built his career on writing 2,000 words every day, according to his memoir, On Writing. NaNoWriMo extols the productive virtues of doing 1,666 words a day, on … Continue reading »

How to Build Writing Goals You’ll Actually Achieve: Focus on The Things You Control

One of my favourite parts of getting back into the office at the start of the year is catching up with my co-workers at Queensland Writers Centre and finding out their plans and goals for the coming year. Not just the work stuff – although we’ve got some exciting stuff coming in 2015 – but … Continue reading »

Save the Date: GenreCon 2015

The Australian Writer’s Marketplace will host GenreCon 2015 in the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane, October 30 – November 1, 2015. GenreCon provides an opportunity for writers, editors, agents and other genre fiction professionals to come together for three days of networking, seminars, workshops, and more. If you’re interested in coming along you’ll want to … Continue reading »