Tools of change…

This year’s O’Reilly TOC Conference (Tools of Change for Publishing) promises another smorgasbord of writing and publishing visionaries. Including the likes of uber-author Margaret Atwood and Booksquare‘s Kassia Kroszer, TOC also features Queensland Writers Centre CEO Kate Eltham presenting her views on the use of social media during Queensland’s recent natural disasters, and the lessons … Continue reading »

Writing Race free for all!

Tonight’s AWMonline Writing Race is a special cross-platform social writing event, running from 5.30-7.30pm Eastern Standard Time. Our AWMonline Racers will be Captained by our wonderful special guest, crime writer Katherine Howell. Prizes for the most words written include free subscriptions to AWMonline!! The forum is open to all – just head over to AWMonline … Continue reading »

Industry Blogroll…

By popular demand, we are making AWMonline’s list of Industry blogs for Australian Writers available here at Speakeasy. It’s fantastic that people are finding this resource so useful! Sign up to AWMonline’s eNewlsetter to receive regulation information about opportunities and markets for Australian writers. Industry News and Views Australian Book Review Contributors include editor … Continue reading »


NaNoWriMo is in full swing. Around the world, hundreds of thousands of folks are writing a 50,000 word novel in November. Some do it because they are writers looking for some structure and motivation. A lot of folks do it just for the challenge -or the fun. AWMonline is holding a special cross-platform Writing Race … Continue reading »

Industry updates for writers …

To become a working writer, there are certain things you need to know. Firstly, there is the craft of writing. Things like: verbs are the engine room of every sentence, and "writers’ block" is unfortunately not made of chocolate. But then, there is also the business of writing. And with the Australian publishing industry in … Continue reading »

"The Voldemort of the book world…"

Referring to Book Depository as the "dark force [in bookselling] whose name must not be spoken", this article from The Australian considers the possible impact on the price of the book and the cultural experience of book buying if the market is dominated by a "faceless online monopoly". There are two takeaway messages here: one, … Continue reading »

Publishing Boot Camp

A State of Writing and Red Hill Publishing are presenting The Publishing Boot Camp – the first event of its kind for Queensland and possibly Australia: an independent event focusing on the business side of books, writing and publishing   Speakers include head of the Queensland Writers Centre Kate Eltham, bestselling author Kim Wilkins, book … Continue reading »

Have your say in the future of Australian books…

HELP WRITE THE FUTURE OF BOOKS IN AUSTRALIA In this time of rapid change in the book industry, the Australian Government’s Book Industry Strategy Group (BISG) is seeking your view on the future of books in Australia. Digital book production and global online distribution are fundamentally changing the nature of the industry. The BISG, chaired … Continue reading »