Creative non-fiction opportunity

Here’s a great opportunity for creative non-fiction writers… The U.S. quarterly magazine Creative Nonfiction, in association with the Australian arts company tashmadada, seeks new essays for a special “Australia” issue. They’re looking for a variety of perspectives–from locals, expats, tourists, or anyone else–and will consider essays of all forms and focus as long as Australia’s … Continue reading »

Planning for writers' success..

Australia has a rich landscape of literary festivals. This week saw the fantastic National Indigenous Writers & Educators Conference 2011 at Wollongong. Black&Write! representatives report NIWEC was well-represented by indigenous writers and industry professionals from around Australia, and gave rise to many interesting debates about best practices to develop and promote indigenous writers. This weekend, … Continue reading »

Frowny Face(book)

With the rise and rise of social media, is connecting with audiences online something that has become: a) crucial, b) fun, or c) the ultimate time-vampire? Competitions, coupons, tie-ins, shout-outs… Cross-platform promotional activities abound, as writers and publishers seek to enhance audience engagement. Of course, the best way to shake your moneymaker is simply to … Continue reading »

Friday Fry-up…

Positive new moves by indie publishers and public libraries help ‘introduce a new generation of writers to a new generation of readers’ – I love it when people take advantage of changes in the existing industry structure to forge innovative and meaningful new pathways! But a bit of vitriol works sometimes, too: "Too bad, so … Continue reading »

Income opportunities…

Most writers need to supplement any income they derive from sales of their work with other activities – like teaching, mentoring, editing, public speaking, serving coffee and working in bookstores. Being a writer asks more of us than just being an artist, or a craftsperson. We must also be our own project manager, Gantt charting … Continue reading »

Threads of ideas…

The Traumgedanken project brings hyperlinks to print media, in the form of sewn and appliqued coloured threads that link ideas through the pages – a book about dreams that looks totally dreamy. But why am I suddenly feeling all Black Swan? Speaking of beautiful horror, here’s a great opportunity for writers who like everything from … Continue reading »

Romancing Crime tonight!

What’s that sound – is it the starting pistol of another year of AWMonline Writing Races? Yes! Tonight we start with a bang. Romantic suspense author Helene Young has published two books that began as NaNoWriMo projects, so she is a social writing expert, and will rock the Writing Race tonight! Come and write with … Continue reading »