Everything you always wanted to know about the Review of Australian Fiction (but were afraid to ask): An interview with Matthew Lamb

The Review of Australian Fiction is rapidly establishing a reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative new fiction journals around. Emerging as the hyperactive brainchild of Matthew Lamb and Phil Crowley, the journal has already corralled an impressive and eclectic array of established and emerging Australian literary talent. I would love to say … Continue reading »

The City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards: An interview with Lee Battersby

Entries will be closing soon for the 2012 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards, so whip out a selection of your finest short fiction and get involved. For those of you who may be geographically challenged, or perhaps a little ‘east coast’ (and as a native of Adelaide I have been the victim of this … Continue reading »

Writing Races are Go

The second season of Writing Races is up and running! As of August 8th we are once again hosting weekly writing sessions in the AWMonline forums. I’m Julia, the latest AWM intern, and I’m spearheading this season’s Races. Howdy. I’m an aspiring novelist myself, and just a general fan of the written word, so I’m … Continue reading »

Viva La Novella: An interview with David Henley

Cram your novel in a compactor; strap your short story to a rack; or break out your best short novel or long short story. In other words, it’s time to bust out those novellas. Seizure, the cutting-edge, Sydney-based journal, is currently running Viva La Novella, a novella competition for Australian and New Zealand writers. Seizure … Continue reading »

Radical eclecticism: An interview with Overland editor Jeff Sparrow

With a list of past contributors that includes such Oz lit luminaries as Patrick White, Peter Carey, Elizabeth Jolley, David Williamson, Judith Wright, Thea Astley, Xavier Herbert, Bruce Dawe, Frank Moorhouse, Manning Clark, Christina Stead—to name just a few—the pages of Overland have long been considered one of Australia’s premier literary storehouses. However, there is … Continue reading »

Just in case you missed it . . .

Join Phillipa Fioretti at the last Writing Race of the season. Phillipa is a QWC/Hachette Manuscript Development Program alumnus, so if you’ve got a sneaky story stashed in your bottom drawer or a scene-by-scene sketch in your favourite notebook find out how to make the next move. This week is our last Writing Race for … Continue reading »

Write with a Hachette alumnus

Do you have a manuscript lurking in your bottom drawer?  A sneaky story sketch tucked in a shoe box at the back of your wardrobe?  Ever wanted to submit a story to a publisher, but haven’t worked up the courage? Our Writing Races guest for Wednesday (tomorrow) night, Phillipa Fioretti, has done just that! Phillipa, … Continue reading »

Thanks for lunch, Sam.

Last week the AWM held a ‘super futurisitic’ experimental event called Lunch with Sam on Facebook.  It was a manic, super-fast, super-exciting, and just plain super all ‘round, interview with Sam Cooney, incoming editor of The Lifted Brow.  Throughout the interview, Sam graced us with his e-persona, which is overflowing with charm, wit, and industry … Continue reading »