GenreCon 2012 Wrap-up

Last week, The Australian Writer’s Marketplace hosted Australia’s inaugural conference for Australian genre writers, GenreCon. From Friday 2 to Sunday 4 November, a passionate group of genre writers and industry professionals joined together to celebrate genre writing in all its forms. GenreCon 2012 was a huge success and we were thrilled to share the weekend … Continue reading »

(Literary) pick-up lines.

Like a desperate young man who knows he’s only got one shot at the attractive blonde at the bar, a good writer knows how much an opening line matters. This week’s Year of the Novel homework is to write our opening lines and it’s a task that I’ve been spectacularly proactive in avoiding…

This guy has been stalking me…

This guy has been stalking me. His name is Nick and he is tall and thin with a creepy hook nose and deep, nice-sad eyes. He’s restless, always tapping his skinny fingers on cereal packets and waiting room armrests and the edge of his pocket; his mind wanders. He ambushed me in the supermarket the other week, and appeared in my car on the way to work. He’s started to show up while I’m in the shower.

But before you call the cops [Mum, if you’re reading this I mean it – put down the phone], it’s ok. He’s not dangerous. He’s imaginary…

In the beginning

There is plenty of advice around about how to start a novel. Some people will tell you to begin with a one-sentence summary. Kim Wilkins advised us to start with a commitment and a space to write in. Others suggest starting with characters or plot, brainstorming or flash fiction or an arresting premise.
But they’re wrong.

Apparently, a novel begins with panic.

Hoots Balloon!

I am now a quiet fan of e-readers. I don’t own one, or foresee myself getting one in the next 3-5 years (maybe I should before they turn into this) just cause there isn’t any great choice in the Australian market yet. Anyway this great article from Kasia over at BookSquare once again highlights the discrepancies … Continue reading »

Baby Look at You Now

Ahem, excuse me, writers? I have something rather delicate to discuss with you. How’s your website going? Brand new design eh? That’s great. Just got a new commission from a popular magazine? Awesome. Still using that same old headshot? You know, the promo shot your sister took in your backyard with her old digital camera? … Continue reading »

Past and Future – Part 2

In more ‘Tales of the Past and Future’ let us travel back all the way to the year 1842 when Edgar Allan Poe wrote a letter to his publishers apologising for his behavior during a trip to New York. “Will you be so kind enough to put the best possible interpretation upon my behavior while … Continue reading »