Two quick updates for you this morning:

Wanted: Author Sites

Sarah Wendell is looking for two or three author websites she can critique and use as examples in her AUTHOR PLATFORM 101 workshop. If you’re heading to Sarah’s workshop on Sunday, November 4th, and interested in volunteering your site then post your name and your website address in the comments of this post. We’ll pass the details of the  first three volunteers on to Sarah for use in her workshop.

Want 5 Minutes with an Editor or Agent?

The GenreCon Pitching Program is your chance to sit down with an editor or agent to talk about your completed manuscript. We’ve got editors and agents representing a diverse range of genres accepting pitches across Saturday and Sunday of the conference, and we’re open to applications to take part in the pitching program until midnight, 24 October if you’d like to secure your spot. A complete list of the editors and agents involved can be found on the Pitching Program page under Program and Events.

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