Our next fabulous forum is an author/publisher combo that’s sure to be informative, entertaining and full of anecdotes and opinions on the current state of Australian publishing. Please join us at the special evening time of 7pm for this session. 

Date:      Tue 17 April
Time:     7pm (AEST), 5pm (WA), 10am (UK)
Guests:   Susan Johnson (The Broken Book, A Better Woman)  and Annette Barlow (Senior Fiction Publisher, Allen and Unwin)


The Life of an Expat Writer
Susan Johnson’s
breathtakingly honest memoir A Better Woman seared the hearts of mothers everywhere. Her last book, The Broken Book explored the life and choices of expatriate Australian writer Charmian Clift. She is based in the UK and working on the final draft of her forthcoming novel.
Annette Barlow is the fiction publisher at Allen and Unwin and has had the pleasure of working with authors such as Susan Johnson, Alex Miller, Andrew McGahan, Kate Morton and Kerry Greenwood.
Join us in a special evening session to discuss the UK/Australian culture wars, the digital age and what it means for readers, and how Susan balances life and work between two continents. Ask Annette about Australian and UK markets, Allen and Unwin’s fiction list and the unique relationship between a dedicated publisher and their authors.

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7 Responses to “Author / Publisher live forum”


    I have written a biography about my son – from his Point-of-View! His life from zero to seven years old. Would this be classed as Creative non-fiction? Or, just a biography?

  2. Jane,

    Hi Karen,
    Actually, you don’t really need to worry about this kind of thing. Once you have a contract, your agent or publisher will work out how to sell your book. In your query letter, you really just need to describe it, and perhaps compare it to other, similar books.
    For more tips like this, try Miss Snark’s blog http://misssnark.blogspot.com


    Also, if you send off a manuscript to a Publisher that says there is a two to three months turnaround, do you hold them to that? I have a manuscript with a Publisher at present. I rang after four months, and was told it would be another eight to ten weeks! (At this point it hasn’t been rejected). Do I wait? Or, do I tell them I will be looking elsewhere? How long should a Writer wait to find out about their work. What is the ‘acceptable’ amount of time?


    Thanks for that comment Jane. That really makes sense. A few people have asked me ‘how can you wirite from a seven year old’s point of view’? It wasn’t easy! I haven’t really found many books written from a child’ point of view about their life! Do you know of any?

  5. Elaine Ouston,

    Question for Annette Barlow.
    I have written (or am still writing) a childrens book and want to know if I should approach a publisher or is it best to go through an agent.


    Thanks for you time! I hope you manage to answer my questions soon, but I really have to get going! Great advice so far! CHEERS!

  7. sonia (AWM),

    Hi Elaine,
    It is generally accepted these days that the best path to publication is with an agent – this is partly because of the minefield of legalities, copyright, territorial sales and other issues, not least of which is securing you a good deal in the first place. Agents only make money when their authors do so they tend to have your interests at heart. Having said that, agents are becoming as notoriously hard to get as publishing deals are! There’s a great discussion on our forum page with agent Tara Wynn and publisher Louise Thurtell on this very subject that we hosted in Feb. Check out the Writers Resources section.

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