Today sees a series of late afternoon rallies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, reports Arts Hub Australia, as screenwriters across the country show solidarity with their compatriots in America. The rallies, organised by the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG), are part of an International Day of Solidarity which also sees events in New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Mexico and France.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) has been on strike for the past month lobbying for payment when their work is used in new media forms like the internet. With a booming online industry the writers argue that studios draw significant revenue from this stream and they should be duly compensated. The studios return argument is that this entire sector is still too experimental to be able to formalise any kind of payment structure.

The strike has caused chaos and the knock on effect has left US production houses and studios in disarray, many being financially compromised and facing an uncertain future.

For more information see the AWG website.

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