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The parallel importation of books decision has been finalised: in a win for writers and readers alike, the Productivity Commission’s recommendations have been completely rejected by the Australian government.

In face-savingly stern terms, the Australian government is directing the book industry ‘to respond to the increasing competition from imports without relying on additional government assistance’, rather than be forced to rely on the (unwanted) government handouts proposed by the Productivity Commission.

The same could be said to the Coalition for Cheaper Books. The government is not going to help you shore up your profits by eating into the narrow margins enjoyed by suppliers all through the book industry, from authors to publishers to printers to independent booksellers!

Congratulations to all the writers and readers who have won this battle to protect Australian culture. And a big shout out to Sheryl and the team at Savings Aussie Books – enjoy your celebrations, ladies, they’re very well earned!

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  1. Sheryl Gwyther,

    Thank you! And the victory is sweet … although tinged with a touch of lemon.
    The forces who fought to abolish the Restrictions against Parallel Importation of Books have not given up their fight. We’ve won this battle, but not the war.
    They, including the ‘coalition for cheaper books’ will still fight to shore up their profit margins – so it is up to authors, book readers and all concerned Australians to make sure we don’t take our eyes off this issue in the future.
    To this end, the SAVING AUSSIE BOOKS blog will remain open. We encourage people to check it out every now and then, and to contribute if you have any news on the issue.

  2. Meg,

    Writers and readers everywhere are grateful for your continued efforts, Sheryl and the SAB team!

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