This has been sent out by the nice folks over at Articulate:

The ABC’s arts weblog Articulate ( is calling for pitches for a new opinion section, the Soapbox.

Starting soon, every Monday there will be a 200-word opinion piece by an Articulate reader, discussing some aspect of the arts.

It could be topical (eg, Australian take on the US writers strike, the PM’s new literary award) or something much more personal (eg, why you love/hate romantic comedies, or how you hate it when people say ‘I don’t read sf/horror/fantasy/romance/whatever’).

The idea is to engender debate on the Australian arts scene — be it books, music, theatre, or visual art.

Please send your one-sentence pitches to Gary Kemble, via:

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  1. delia brodrick,

    I’m beginning but with excitement and anticipation. I, therefore await to see how this all works!!! By the way, as a teacher, I have to say the PM’s ( it was the previous Victorian Premier as far as I am aware, but I could be wrong) literary awards are a farce. I am a teacher/special education teacher/mother/step-mother and as far as I can see over the last 20 something years , that only the students who fit the bill as ‘teacher pleasers’ get awarded anything, anywhere. Add a bit of spunk or personality or individualism to teh picture and …bang… you’re not in he running. I brought my children up to be totally individual and I’m proud to say they are but if you want to win awards at school don’t be an individual….

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