For a book that is still yet to be published The Jewel of Medina by Sherry Jones is certainly creating a publicity maelstrom. The Director of independent publishing house Gibson Square, Martin Rynja, has had his London home set on fire by three men. Two of the men were arrested by armed police outside the home and a third was arrested at a nearby Underground station. Rynja was unharmed and is now believed to be under police protection. Gibson Square announced earlier this month that it was planning to release The Jewel of Medina in Britain.  

With only a handful of people having read a finished manuscript this seems to have been blown out of all proportion. The agent of Sherry Jones, Natasha Kern, said: "There are many misconceptions about this book floating around the internet, including that it is a romance novel or that it focuses on sexual content. Nothing could be further from the truth."

I hope this is the last I hear about this novel before it hits the shelves. Dying for free speech should not be a part of the publishing process.

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