As the digital revolution rolls ever onwards, Amazon has launched a new e-book reader called the ‘Kindle’ (so-named becuase of their desire to kindle the love of reading).

Launched this week in America and retailing at US$399 the 290g device with a 6inch screen can store up to 200 books and download an individual volume in under a minute. With no backlighting it’s easy on the eye and, instead of books on a continuous scroll, you have to ‘turn’ the pages as you would a conventional book.

Not all publishers have signed up to the Kindle (bestsellers sell from a discounted $9.99 which many publishers are objecting to), but Amazon are determined not to stop until they have millions of books available. The device also allows access to online encyclopedia Wikipedia as well as 11 daily newspapers, available from 75c a day.

For more information, read this article from Times Online.

Kindle seems to have unleashed no end of debate – and not everyone is in favour. Read this blog at The Guardian, this post at Boing Boing or this one also from Boing Boing…

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