If you’re the sort of writer easily blighted by distractions or who falls foul to procrastination at every possible turn, check out these handy hints from lifehack.org.

It may seem obvious that you need to be comfortable and alone when writing but there’s also other more technical ways to focus the mind – using a text editor and cleansing your computer to use just for writing (take off ‘Solitaire’, save your photos somewhere else etc.) is good advice, wear headphones (with or without music, or try white/pink noise) and warn everyone in advance to stay away should all help maximise your time.

There’s lots of software out there especially for writing too – it helps you organise your notes, create drafts and unite themes etc. Check out this one for PCs and this one for MACs.

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  1. Lisa,

    I use Scrivener, it’s totally awesome, go MACs.

    As for writing tips, I find that setting a particular timeslot to write and forcing myself to do it helps. Kind of like having to go to work for a certain time period, if I don’t write I make myself just sit there.

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