YA author Christine Bongers
Last week guest YA author Christine Bongers joined us on the Writing Races. She had some great advice for writers. Want to know more? Read on.
Christine writes for a variety of ages, ranging from newly independent readers right up to older teenage readers. She says that she is able to write for such an age range because she has a direct line to her inner child.
For those of us with a broken connection or too much static, she suggests engaging with kids. She does: at schools, at home, and while out and about. Chris says she makes a point of listening to what they talk about, what they worry about, and what they laugh about. This makes her writing feel real and informs her fiction in other ways too. She also picks up snippets of conversations and uses the best bits in her work.
So how does she keep it all in her head? She doesn’t. Chris says that every writer should carry a notebook. Everywhere. Because you just never know when you’re going to hear something that you can use.
Thanks for your great advice for budding writers Chris!”

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