Me again. This time I’m not being quite as sneaky, as you all know who I am. Today is my last day as the AWM intern, and I have to say that I am awfully sad about it. I’m going to cling to the last few hours with avid enthusiasm. 

Also, I would like to remind you all about tonight’s Writers’ Race. The guest author is Kirsty Eagar, author of the recently published Saltwater Vampires. Kirsty has her own website, and keeps her own blog—I know I mentioned these last week but I thought they deserved a repeat. 

What’s so incredibly cool, you ask? Lauren Fuge is so incredibly cool— she’s sixteen years old, and published. Lauren’s story is what all aspiring writers wish for. She sent her proposal, via e-mail, to Random House where it was almost immediately picked up by associate publisher Zoe Walton. Lauren’s book has yet to hit the shelves, but it will soon. Jealous, much? I know I am. To read more about Lauren’s story, go here

 To end with something fun—Bookmans Does Book Dominoes. It’s mesmerising. It’ll make you want to harass your local bookstore to let you set up a massive dominoes set. Can we? Canwecanwe? 

Now I have some work to do. Maybe if I procrastinate and take my time, I’ll have an excuse to come back. That’s not very professional though, is it? It was lovely being here, and I’ll definitely take many experiences away with me.



Chloe the Intern.

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