Just found this article in last Wednesday’s issue of The Australian, about screenwriting and the Australian Film Industry. It focuses on the complete lack of funds available for script development, and also the fact that most Australian films are scripted by their directors.

Frankly, this whole issue explains a lot about the state of Australian movies (like the fact that many of them are completely awful). The idea that anyone can write a good script, without any training or practice, is ludicrous. And you can’t make a good film without a good script. You can make an okay film, or a halfway-decent film, but not a good one. Why the film industry gives precedence to trashy, underwritten scripts instead of experienced screenwriters is a complete mystery to me.

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  1. Gillian,

    The Writers Guild sent this article out to members – WELL WORTH reading! I’ve sent it on to various writer friends who are in that area. And all your comments above are so true. It’s a cruel world!

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