Ardent book lovers are up in arms. If it’s not bad enough that the internet seems to be taking over everywhere, now opening up your favourite novel is as easy as turning on your mobile phone! 

Over in Japan the latest technology trend creating a buzz on the streets is the ‘keitai shosetsu’ or mobile phone novels. Out of the top 10 bestselling fiction works in Japan in the first half of 2007, five started as keitai novels and boast average sales of 400,000!  Entire novels are being tapped out on a telephone handset and subscribers can download Dickens-style installments or click through to the internet to read the novels in their entirety. Critics are lambasting the ‘genre’ as lacking in plot or character development, but the appeal is widespread and given Japan’s general status as the leader in technological advances, we reckon it will hit our shores before too long.

Read more about it at the Telegraph UK.

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    […] This is something that we blogged about back in October and now the NY Times has written about the Japanese cell-phone novelists as well. It seems to be pretty big news at the moment and 5 of the Top 10 bestseller novels in Japan last year were orginally cellphone novels, with the Top 3 all being written by 1st time cellphone novelists. […]

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