Wanted, Programming Participants

We’ve got a lot of great guests coming to GenreCon (and a few more to be announced over the course of August), but we’re also interested in hearing from writers, publishers, and editors who may be interested in participating . While we’re already in the process of putting together the conference program, it’s not to late to volunteer if you’re planning on attending.

If you’ve already volunteered – Thank You! We’ve been blown away by the response to GenreCon thus far, and the generosity of the many professionals willing to offer their time and experience. Members of our programming team will be in touch in the coming weeks with more information about how we’d like to program you during the convention.

Finally, for those of you who just want to know what the program is going to look like, we’ll be posting details of some events over August and soliciting your input on what kind of topics you really want to see.

Discounted Accommodation Update

If you registered for GenreCon prior to July 31st you would have received a weblink to the discounted booking page at Rydges.com as part of your confirmation email. Unfortunately recent updates to the Rydges site have eliminated custom booking page as an option, so the weblink you were sent is no longer valid.

GenreCon attendees are still entitled to discounted booking rates at Rydges Parramatta during the convention. To receive 10% off the best available rate at the time of your booking, just enter the GenreCon code QWCCWP into the corporate ID section when making your booking (see example below).

What Do You Want to Know About the Con?

We’ve been quiet about GenreCon for the past couple of months, setting things up behind the scenes, but August is the month when we’re going to be making some noise. All through the coming month we’re planning on posting a little bit more about GenreCon, its guests, and the program to whet your appetite for what’s coming.  If you’ve got specific questions you want answered, let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure they’re answered.

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