the AWMonline ravenIn more ‘Tales of the Past and Future’ let us travel back all the way to the year 1842 when Edgar Allan Poe wrote a letter to his publishers apologising for his behavior during a trip to New York.

“Will you be so kind enough to put the best possible interpretation upon my behavior while in N-York? You must have conceived a queer idea of me – but the simple truth is that Wallace would insist upon the juleps, and I knew not what I was either doing or saying.”

As a massive fan of the Poe-ster (I used to read his books late at night as a kid and scare myself silly) I don’t know what I love more about this letter – the fact that he is apologising for becoming ‘queer’ on too many juleps or that his letter (which is basically just a submission letter and an apology for his drunken behaviour) will now sit in a library collection to be viewed as an historical document. Brilliant!).

Entering the future now and Faber & Faber is ‘pulling a radiohead’. Radiohead offered their most recent CD, In Rainbows, as a download from their site where customers could nominate what they wanted to pay. Faber & Faber plan to follow suit and release early e-book versions of upcoming titles on a ‘pay what you like’ scheme. While a scheme like this was probably not in any danger of losing considering it was done by one of the biggest bands in the world. But it’s great news for e-book readers. With the release (in the US) of Kindle 2, Sony Reader and the Apple iPhone, technology that will accommodate e-books is definitely evolving at a cracking pace. And publishers need to catch up.

Quoting Faber marketing executive, Silvia Novak, (from an article you can read in full here) "We’re wondering whether a reader’s perspective will change from the initial rush of getting something for free — or close to — to an actual enjoyment of a piece of work, and whether that would translate into wanting to pay more for that experience.”

I think this is great news, but my knowledge of digital publishing is still only about a teaspoon of the whole chocolate sundae. So I am very excited to hear about BookSquare University. Yeah for online uni!

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2 Responses to “Past and Future – Part 2”

  1. Brenton,

    But, Jodi, when will the readers be available in Australia? There are some around the place, but they seem to be very inferior to Sony or Amazon’s efforts. I went to a number of electronics stores to question those ‘in the know’, and they’d never heard of an e-reader, let alone the Sony Digital Reader or a Kindle. Very sad.

  2. Jodi,

    Not sure when they will be available here. They aren’t available in the UK yet and they will probably break into that market before they hit our shores.
    We do have the Apple iPhone which is great I hear. If you think about it, mobile’s are more than likely to become the e-reader of choice in the future because it saves you the hassle of carrying around an e-reader and your mobile (who wants to carry around heaps of different gadgets that have different functions, when one gadget can perform many functions).

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