writing race iconThe AWM Writing Races are back! Tomorrow night we’ll be kicking of the 2014 Writing Race season over on Facebook, and we’d like you to come along and join us. For one hour, you’ll join a team of your fellow writers as they chase words and try to achieve their personal best.

Why join us? We’ve got three good reasons.

One: You’ll Meet Other Writers

Over the last year the Writing Races have grown by leaps and bounds, accumulating a team of regular and semi-regular racers who eagerly support and encourage newcomers. If you’re looking to connect with other writers around Australia, got questions about writing you want to get answered, or just need a little encouragement to keep your writing on track, the community is there to help.

Two: You Commit to Writing

The biggest problem most writers face is committing to their creative process, particularly at the beginning of their career when they’re yet to be published. The writing race is a weekly space where you can commit to your writing and really get some words down, and you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes when you make it a regular part of your life. Many of last year’s racers noticed that Wednesday’s were the most productive night of their writing week.

Three: It Costs You Nothing

The Writing Races are open to everyone and absolutely free – just sign up for the Facebook Event scheduled for 8:00 PM on Wednesday night (9:00 PM Daylight Savings Time) and join the fun.

The writing races are just one of the ways we support the AWMonline community and Australian Writers. For more information about upcoming races and future guests, check out the Writing Race page on the AWMonline website.

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